DeVinci Stone Material

While very few would argue that limestone is a visually pleasing building material, it does have a few downsides, including its heavy weight and delicate nature. Here at DeVinci Cast Stone, we have worked for years to develop the precise formula to give you a beautiful, durable and non-combustible mantle for your living room, master bedroom, or outdoor living area. Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) along with special aggregate and technics, we have created the best mantles you will find. Here’s why: this lighter product significantly reduces shipping costs and allows installation without the use of special lifting equipment. Unlike most attempts to value engineer cast stone products, our focus has been to improve the product, without affecting the quality. The result has been a product that may cost more to manufacture, but has significantly lowered the overall cost of final installation.

Fireplace Surrounds are Safe and Durable

GFRC is fire resistant, therefore you can depend on a DeVinci Cast Stone mantelpiece to keep your family safe. Our mantel surround is also extremely durable. A mantle constructed of this material is able to withstand the heat of even a very large fire, and is also suitable for outdoor use. Your mantelpiece will not rot, swell, or wear away when exposed to moisture, and the unique properties of this material also allow our mantles to resist cracking.

Mantels are Available in a Number of Finishes

When you choose a DeVinci fireplace surround, you can get the look and strength of authentic limestone at a price that is typically much lower than the real thing – See Finishes

DeVinci Cast Stone Mantel Surrounds Offer a Huge Number of Design Options:

Our manufacturing process places a traditional face mix of high strength concrete into our forms, to achieve a hard durable surface finish, backed with fiber reinforced lightweight fill. The result is a product that has crisp hard edges, resists staining from excessive water absorption, can be completely solid, and weighs far less than a normal concrete product. This ensures our finished mantels are exactly what our customers were promised, offering the best of both worlds.