How do I measure my firebox?
The first thing to be aware of is what kind of firebox you have. If your firebox is masonry or a metal wood burning box, then you’d measure the height and width of the interior opening. If your box has operable glass doors and/or vents then you need to measure the outside of the doors, thus allowing accessibility for maintenance and use of the doors and vents. We also need to know the distance from the floor to the bottom of your firebox opening or bottom of any doors or vents. The distance from floor to the ceiling is also required if an Over Mantel is desired. For more detailed information follow link to measurement instructions.

How do I order a fireplace mantel?
Using our “How to Order” guidelines is the first step. You may call the DeVinci Cast Stone office and speak directly to our design staff at (405)680-5600, or complete the online measurement worksheet, submit electronically, or fax your information to (405)680-9314. We will submit a proposal that includes a quote for the complete cost of your order, including the crating and shipping to your job site, as well as drawings of your proposed mantel. To start your order, we will require a 50% deposit, signed quote and proposal drawing(s), with the color and finish selected, before production can begin. We accept all major credit cards by phone, as well as checks by mail.

Are there any costs other than the stone fireplace mantel?
If you require additional options, please refer to our Options page for further information and pricing. Also, there are generally crating and shipping costs for all out of state orders and installation costs with sales tax for sales within the state of Oklahoma. Freight cost will vary according to location and the weight of the fireplace mantel chosen.

Who installs the fireplace mantel?
An experienced mason is the best choice to install a fireplace. However, with our complete installation instructions and accessories we provide most craftsmen can install our surrounds. Our DeVinci’s staff is always available, during business hours to offer technical support in the installation of your product. Most general contractors will also have the necessary ability or would be capable of recommending someone to assist you.

Local building codes should always be consulted before beginning any construction project.

What colors do your fireplaces come in?
Our cast stone resembles cut limestone. Standard colors are: White, Pearl, Buff, Dark Buff, Limestone, and French Stone. All colors are available in either a Smooth or “Old-World” Travertine texture. Cast stone will have naturally occurring variations in color, formation, and matrix inherent as with any natural product. Subtle variations in material enhance the beauty of our mantels, therefore, will vary slightly in color and composition from one blend to another. This variation is your assurance that our stone is the real deal. We hand make and finish each piece to give you the look and feel of carved limestone at a significantly lower cost. Please consult your design professional or contractor for guidelines on what are acceptable variances in finish.

Can cast stone be painted?
Cast stone can be antiqued, faux finished, or distressed to give it the patina of age. We do not paint at the factory. Sealing is highly recommended since all cast stone is porous and subject to staining. Any high quality, clear, matte finish stone sealer may be used.

What is the fireplace mantel made of?
Basically, cast stone is man-made limestone, a process that has been around for centuries. Each piece is handmade and finished for clarity and beauty. This is a labor intensive process, but it is worth it. The finished cast stone fireplace mantel is so similar to cut limestone it is hard to the difference and the price is a fraction of the cost of cut limestone. No additional finish is required. Cast stone is a non-combustible product and can be used directly next to the firebox opening. This eliminates the need and cost of other interior surrounds that are necessary with a wood or plaster mantel.

How durable is a cast stone fireplace surround?
Some of the oldest monuments in existence were made using the same basic technique that DeVinci Cast Stone uses to produce our fireplace mantels, which means that your fireplace mantel will be just as stunning and functional in a hundred years, as it is today.

Is a sealant recommended?
It is not required, but we do recommend a matte finish sealer made especially for porous surfaces, such as cast stone. Prosoco, Sure Klean Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment is a water based solution developed to provide long lasting penetrating protection without altering the stone’s natural appearance. Please allow the pointing mortar to cure approx. thirty (30) days before sealing and test in a small, out of the way, area before applying to the entire mantel. If you have mortar residue on the face of the cast stone, it should be cleaned before sealing. The cleaning of the mortar will require an acidic cleaning solution, such as Prosoco Limesolvent 101 diluted with water, at 4 parts water to 1 part cleaner. Use a sponge and soft bristle brush and be very careful to protect all surrounding surfaces. For best results, consult a local expert or Prosoco dealer in your area.

How do we clean after sealing?
After the sealing process is completed then you can clean with mild soap water or most household cleaners. Always test any cleaners in small area before use on entire surround.

Do you make fireplace mantels in lightweight cast stone?
Yes, each fireplace is a unique blend of Portland cement, lightweight aggregate, zirconia glass fibers and pigments made from natural stones then cast into molds. The result is a product with the same look and feel as natural limestone, only without the added weight or expense.

Is this Lightweight Series as strong as natural stone or other cast stone?
Stronger! With the addition of the Zirconia Glass Fibers and special polymers, this material is much stronger than natural stone or any standard cast stone material.

Can your cast stone fireplaces be left outside?
Both of our Lightweight Series and standard weight cast stone fireplaces are perfect for outdoor living spaces. You may elect to use a sealer such as Prosoco, Sure Klean Weather Seal Natural Stone treatment.

Do you offer custom work?
Yes, we produce custom products all the time if you are unable to find a style you are looking for in DeVinci Cast Stone’s product line. Just furnish a photo, sketch, or drawing and some dimensions of what you’d like and we will be happy to give you a bid on your custom design.

Can I mix and match headers and legs?
Yes, to a point. Some of our cast stone fireplace headers and fireplace legs are interchangeable. Please consult with one of our design staff to see if your choices are available.

Why do I need filler panels?
Filler panels are used to bridge the gap between the firebox opening and chosen surround when our surround it larger than the firebox. Supplementary materials, provided by others, can also be used such as marble, granite, or tile to fill the area.

Can I buy a fireplace mantel without filler panels?
Yes, all of DeVinci Cast Stone fireplace mantel components can be bought separately.

Do you have any stock pieces or slightly imperfect mantels for sale?
Yes. These mantels were produced during down time or were showroom displays. Some may have an old or custom color, hearth, and a surround that cannot be matched, or slight imperfections.

What can be done if the mantel opening does not fit my existing firebox or space?
If the cast stone fireplace mantel you desire does not appear to fit the drawing technical specifications, call us. Often we are capable of altering the cast stone fireplace mantel in such a manner that we retain the integrity of the design while fitting your individual needs. Height of firebox openings can be altered in most cases. We can also adapt over mantels to go with most of DeVinci Cast Stone’s mantel designs.

Does DeVinci Cast Stone sell fireboxes?
Yes. DeVinci Cast Stone is now a distributor for FireRock fireboxes enabling us to provide a complete fireplace turn-key. For more information regarding FireRock fireboxes, please visit FireRock.us.

What happens if the shipment arrives with damaged pieces?
All claims on apparent or concealed shipping damage to the cast stone fireplace mantel must be
reported in writing
to DeVinci Cast Stone within 24 hours of delivery. Please save all broken or damaged stone and all packaging material so we can make a claim with the freight company.

Note: photographs of damage may be required after proper notification. If DeVinci Cast Stone determines the damage was a result of packaging or crating, we will replace any broken or damaged stone at no charge to you, usually within ten to fourteen working days.

What is the lead time for my fireplace mantel?
DeVinci Cast Stone can ship within 6 to 8 weeks after receiving the signed documents and down payment. Production can run longer if mantel requires modification. Custom orders must be estimated and scheduled separately. Please let us know if you are in a rush and we will do whatever we can to accommodate your time frame. However, please also keep in mind that other customers have the same lead time and any request to expedite your order would cause delays in production to your fellow consumer.

What about shipping and handling charges (for orders requiring common carrier delivery)?
The customer is responsible for all freight charges. It is required that all shipping and handling charges be prepaid. Claims for lost or damaged materials in transit must be filed immediately. All fireplace shipments are packed on wooden pallets in reinforced cartons and secured with Styrofoam and plastic wrap to avoid damage. Extra crating may be required on some items and these costs will be quoted in advanced.

How is the stone fireplace mantel delivered?
All orders are manufactured from the DeVinci Cast Stone plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and shipped by a common carrier to anywhere in the continental United States. Your truck driver will not take the crate off of the truck for you. We always ask that the trucking company use a lift-gated truck for delivery, but this is not always possible, so please have 2 to 3 men or a forklift ready to unload from the truck driver’s tailgate. In rare cases where the location is remote or in residential areas that do not allow large trucks, the customer may have to arrange a secondary delivery.

How long will you hold our fireplace, if we aren’t ready for it?
If you are not ready for shipment upon the manufactured completion date, DeVinci Cast Stone will hold your order for up to six weeks provided that the balance is paid in full. Thereafter, DeVinci Cast Stone will charge a $250.00 monthly fee to store it. DeVinci Cast Stone will bill 100% percent of the contract amount, to be paid within fifteen (15) days of the invoice.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, DeVinci Cast Stone fireplaces are warranted to be free of any major design flaws and material defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery. Please note that material defects exclude natural stone variation, typically inherent in the production of cast stone.