Modern Fireplace Mantels

Starting in the 20th Century, the clean, minimalist lines of modern architecture are still popular in the 21st Century. The DeVinci Cast Stone models of modern fireplace surrounds exemplify the best of modern style. They are equally suited for the contemporary home or futuristic workplace.

Because of their design, our cast stone mantels can be adapted to fit almost any space. In settings as diverse as the intimacy of a living room to the grand expanse of a lobby or outdoor setting, these fireplace mantels can fill a living space with the warmth and glow of an actual fire. No matter how sophisticated the environment, people are drawn to a wood or gas fireplace. Firelight evokes intimacy and sparks real conversation. It also creates a peaceful place to relax in the modern world. From the clean geometry of the Contempo to the Art Deco look of the Cosmopolitan, a modern fireplace surround from DeVinci Cast Stone can complete your home or office design.

We are also excited to introduce our latest design, Reflections. This panel wall style of cast stone mantel blends the chic look of modern architecture with the rhythmic pattern of hand carved stone. The surface reflects the rippled water of a peaceful pond or stream. It is a great way to bring a natural feel into the urban setting.

Modern Mantel Styles