Measurement Form for Fireboxes with Doors & Louvers

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Please fill out the form below as completely and accurately as possible. This information will help your DeVinci Cast Stone sales technician determine the best design to fit your needs and provide you with a detailed price quote.

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Firebox Measurement Form

Your Existing Fireplace Information

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If you know the Manufacturer & Model number of your existing Metal wood burning firebox please enter it below.

If you have pictures of your existing fireplace or a fireplace spec sheet upload them here.

Measurements for Fireboxes with Doors & Louvers

Please provide measurements below in inches. (Not all may be applicable)

Use the graphics below as a guide.

  • fireplace firebox with doors and louvers
  • masonry or wood burning firebox

A = Inside width of firebox opening

B = Inside height of firebox opening

C = Height from floor to bottom of firebox

D = Distance from box to wall (right), window, cabinetry, etc.

E = Distance from box to wall (left), window, cabinetry, etc.

F = Floor to ceiling height

G = Distance from box to gas valve left (if applicable)

H = Distance from box to gas valve right (if applicable)

Additional existing firebox information

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